Address the Homelessness Crisis with Care

The crisis we are experiencing in Santa Ana with the worsening homelessness crisis has been one that our residents have been facing without much change for too long. The effects of homelessness have an impact throughout our entire community.

As the effects of COVID-19 put more residents out of work, there is a greater need for work placement services and access to emergency health care than ever before.

Along with this, those that are homeless should be treated less like criminals as many need help with their mental illness or drug dependencies rather than incarceration. Tony will work to develop a county-wide approach to help residents get off the streets and into treatment centers and temporary shelters. The County will be put on notice that they must make good on their commitment to enforce every city within the county to share in the responsibility of building appropriate shelter space within their own communities. Tony will consider all legal options in order to push for this to happen.

Paid For By Tony Adame For Council 2020