Housing as a Human Right

It is no secret that the cost of housing has grown significantly faster than that of real wages in Santa Ana. This imbalance not only creates serious financial stress on our families, it also has a negative effect on the environment and quality of life that our residents experience. This includes our public housing options being very limited or in disrepair, high occupancy of people living in a single space, and adding stress to families living with the uncertainty of whether or not they can afford their next rent or mortgage payment.

Tony lived through this first-hand. His family relied on one source of income to provide for a family of 8 in a small two-bedroom space. There was a constant amount of anxiety every month in his house about making ends meet with little to no government support.

There is a smart and level approach to help relieve tensions between renters and landlords that can satisfy both ends. Ensuring that we curb, or limit, rent increases gives renters the security of knowing where their financial future is headed while still being fair to the landlord. Ensuring mortgage relief opportunities for homeowners provides relief on the other end resulting in fewer displacements and fewer vacancies.

Along with this, public and affordable housing options have not been developed at rates to prevent the overcrowding that we are currently experiencing at a high level. Tony will focus on incentivizing the promotion of new development to meet the needs of our families. With COVID-19, these needs have become visible and urgent.

We need to have pride in where we live and the improving quality of our neighborhoods will be a clear indication of such pride. Tony has always been proud to call Santa Ana his front yard and is committed to use his business experience to bridge the growing housing crisis facing our community.

Paid For By Tony Adame For Council 2020