Bring Honor to Immigration

As a first generation Mexican-American and son of two immigrants, Tony understands the need for a more dignified approach to Immigration policies in Santa Ana. He witnessed his parents live in fear and anonymity, even when they fully achieved Residency Status.

For too long, immigrants that, in many cases, are on the frontlines as essential workers have stayed in the shadows of our community without any government support. Tony knows that it is the duty of our local government to have an effort in place of informing ALL residents of Santa Ana of their rights and opportunities as immigrants. This not only promotes honor within our residents, but also creates a safer community of inclusion rather than exclusion.

This includes more access to immigration legal defense that is vital to keeping our families from being unnecessarily separated. Tony believes that all taxpayers should have access to these benefits, regardless of their documented status.

Paid For By Tony Adame For Council 2020