Promote and Attract Small Businesses

Tony is not just an example of the American Dream in action. It brings him more pride to say that he is a product of the Santa Ana Dream.

He is living proof that the opportunities created by a fair and equitable Santa Ana is a good investment for the City. Tony was raised in large part by the programs offered at Santa Anita Community Center and he has in turn re-invested himself back into the City by opening various small businesses that generate tax dollars, helping create a positive image for Santa Ana, hiring local Santa Ana residents, promoting charities to help our communities, and serving as a source of inspiration and a positive example to our youth.

For Santa Ana to remain competitive and attract the type of businesses that create jobs and bring in tax revenue, there needs to be a proper level of incentives to allow for that. This may come in the form of tax credits, but Santa Ana more importantly needs to create a healthy and well-equipped workforce within clean and attractive neighborhoods.

This comes with the need to create an efficient City Hall for business owners to receive permits for improvements that would only further serve our community. Outdated processes have made growing a business in Santa Ana harder. Tony has the personal experience to address these issues and offer solutions that would greatly satisfy our business community.

Paid For By Tony Adame For Council 2020